When a student performs debt consolidation

When a student performs debt consolidation

College students can borrow money through student loans and can also use consumer finance and bank card loans after the age of 20.

So, of course, some people are addicted to debt hell with passyro and others, and some people will be difficult to repay.

If the debt amount is 300,000, 500,000 yen level, you may be able to manage it if you consult parents.

However, if the amount of debt exceeds 700,000 yen and 1 million yen, it will become difficult to consult with parents.

In such a case, students will also explain the possibility of debt consolidation and whether they can be done without parenting.

Even students can do debt consolidation .

After that, even in the course of debt consolidation, it is a point to which procedure to do concretely.

Is self-insolvency or individual revitalization meaningless?

If income does not exist at the present moment, it is also possible to carry out the procedure of self-bankruptcy.

However, in many cases , the debt of a student is not so large compared with those of society .

If you do self-insolvency procedures, it will cost hundreds of thousands of yen including the costs to attorneys.

Therefore, it is not very realistic for students to do their own bankruptcy.

Regarding personal revitalization, even if you reduce debt, it will be up to 1 million yen, and cost will cost hundreds of thousands of yen, so many people in better case do not do it.

When students voluntarily organize

On the other hand, if it is voluntary arrangement, the cost can be held down by tens of thousands of yen per creditor .

Also, if you do arbitrary arrangement procedures on student loans and credit card debt, you can reduce interest in the future and reduce the monthly repayment amount, so you can make debt repayment easier.

Please check this way to see how much you can reduce your debt.

Do you volunteer with parents if you arrange them arbitrarily?

When students do debt consolidation, I think that it is worrisome about whether to parent to parents.

When there is a debt whose parent is a joint guarantor

If you make debts that parents become joint guarantors subject to debt consolidation, the obligee will ask the parents for repayment obligation, so they will be balanced by their parents.

However, you can choose debts you want to organize arbitrarily .

Therefore, if there is debt with parents becoming joint guarantor, it will be possible to proceed without parents by removing them from subjects.

Do parents need consent?

If the student is an underage, parental consent is required when debt consolidation is carried out.

Therefore, it is one way to wait until the age of twenty people who do not want to be balanced by their parents.

Is there an impact on job hunting when debt consolidation?

When debt consolidation is carried out , accident information is registered in the credit information agency for about 5 to 10 years .

It will be on the so-called blacklist, and you will not be able to borrow a new borrowing such as making a loan or making a credit card during that period.

At that time, some people worry that students may also affect their job hunting activities.

However, the information of the credit information agency will not be seen except at the time of reviewing the borrowing .

Therefore, students do not have any influence on job hunting even if debt consolidation is done.

Although it is impossible for students to be able to organize debt, if the amount of debt is small, the cost will be higher than the amount of debt reduction, so consider debt consolidation if the debt is 700 thousand, 1 million or more It is better to do.

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